Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie trailer premier

Hello It's Lucas once again, and I would like to introduce you to my latest GT project and probably the best one yet, MAKING MOVIE TRAILERS!!! Our goal is to create a quality 90-120 second Movie Trailer that captivates my audience without giving away the ending. Our movie trailer is called El Demonio Begins, and it is about a boy who becomes a masked vigilante after his friend is abducted by a gang. I have been contributing to my team by one, being the team leader, and working on the storyboard and creating a plan on what to do as well as editing the movie trailer itself.

My biggest challenge for this project was, getting my whole group to meet up in Princeville, because only one other group member lives in the North Shore, and the others lived on the East side. Other challenges we faced was, communication, decisions, and transportation. This project was very challenging, but fun and totally possible to complete. Some of my successes are, getting my whole group to meet up in Princeville, completing our filming sessions, meeting most of the requirements needed for the project, and being on track. My team put lots of hard work into this project, and hard that hard work payed off in the end.

Our critique was on Thursday, April 7th, 2017. Our team was the 7th team to be presented. Each video met the length criteria and was very interesting. After each video we graded the group who produced the video. After all the videos were played, we voted on a class winner, which happened to be my group. I was very surprised to see that my group had done so well( I guess I went hard on myself). But the audience really seemed to like our trailer. But, then again, Hard Work Pays Off. I learned that the audience seemed more attracted do humorous and Epic trailers.

Final Editing
Deciding on location
Last location

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Our goal for this project is to get into groups of three and collaborate on brainstorming and producing a well composed animation video on the "metamorphosis" of a character/s that lasts 1-2 minutes, with a custom soundtrack. The animation programs we were allowed to use was, Photoshop, Stykz, Whiteboard, Stop motion, etc. We used mainly Photoshop and Stop motion. For our custom soundtrack we used garage band. When it came to final editing we used iMovie to bring all our scenes and audio together to make out movie.

Our focus statement for this animation project is "King loses royalty", which mostly focuses on a king who falls in love with a princess, who is actually a witch. Thus king is turned into a crow after he finds out that the princess is a witch and is overthrown from his crown onto the streets alone. He meets a pigeon that befriends him and asks the king to help him with a special task, which is to find nuts and food. Then after a while, the king finds a glowing nut, which he eats. The nut gives him the power to see that the beautiful princess is actually a witch. As a crow, the king and the wise pigeon regroup his knights to defeat the witch by trapping her in the dungeon. Once defeated, the pigeon turns into an even more beautiful princess and the crow turns back into the king and the rest is history.

We had our critique day and it was pretty good. I am very proud of my team for trying even though we didn't get the grade we wanted because of small flaws that made our animation not as interesting as it could've been. Our flaws came when we were final editing the scenes. The clips were really fast when played,  so our final editor needed to slow them down a little, which of course ended up in making the mistake of slowing them down too much. Another flaw we had was the lack of music that matched our story. I had originally wanted to have a smooth going music and other components of music matching scenes, but my teammates thought otherwise, which ended up as a flaw. Those two things were small, but important flaws that we now know not to make next time. But even with our grade of 2.7, I would like to thank my team for at least trying, and even if this isn't our desirable grade.

Visuals: Embed Vimeo, Storyboard & Critique Results

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

I: Are facial expressions universal, why or why not?

Are facial expressions universal? No one really knows! Was Charles Darwin wrong or right in his 1872 book, "The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals"? Some challenge his theory saying that he only claimed this from only a specific set of expressions he studied. There are six facial expressions, Happiness, Sadness, Surprise, Fear, Disgust, Anger, according to
To be honest I believe that expressions are universal.

B: Explain how you created this project step-by-step.

 1. I took my picture (symmetrical picture is preferred)
 2. Set up the photoshop doc.(set up grid, snapping, etc) and put that picture on top.
 3. Add a new layer and use the line tool to draw a line down the middle of your picture, draw the outline of half of your head(when you draw the outline remember, if you want to stop at a point, stop at a grid line).
 4. Make new layers for parts of your head like HAIR, EYE, SKIN, ETC.
 5. In all those layers like hair, you will draw triangles with the line tool inside until you have filled the amounted space(make sure you stay on the gridlines).
 6. After you finish with all your layers, click the top layer and SHIFT CLICK the bottom layer, and RIGHT CLICK and choose merge layers.
 7. After that, you click on your photo or PORTRAIT layer, and press COMMAND J. This will copy the layer, and make sure you lock it again.
8. After that, you can turn off your PORTRAIT layer, and click on the one you copied.
9. Turn your outline on.
10. Use the POLYGONAL LASSO TOOL to outline your triangles.
11. Go to FILTER>BLUR>AVERAGE, and a command will pop up. that is the shortcut for average. (COMMAND F)
12. outline all the polygons.
13. Cut out the half image that you made low poly, using the polygonal lasso tool.
14. once its outlined, press command J, and name the new layer left.
15. Do that again, but name the other layer RIGHT.
16. turn on portrait and simply drag the right layer to your right side of your face.
17. add your own modifications.
18. DONE!

C: Compare & contrast easy way with custom way.

The differences with using the easy way on a website and using photoshop to create a poly portrait is that the website will fill in the photo with random triangles, making it look like you were behind a window that shattered with its glass still attached. With Photoshop, doing it the custom way, you can use a grid and put the triangles were ever you please, therefore making the image clear. A similarity of the two is that they both use triangles, It just depends where you put them.


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Hello everyone! I'm back! Just saying, if you want more updates, go follow my music blog at this link! Thanks for the support! https:/...